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Install 140 Photoshop Plugins and GIMP Scripts
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Awards of PGEI ProWhat the hell is PGEI?

The Photoshop and GIMP Extensions Installer

The Photoshop and GIMP Extensions Installer installs quickly and easily GIMP and Photoshop plugins, brushes, scripts, patterns, tools and Stand-Alone for free.

PGEI Pro – 1-Click solution for installing GIMP+ Photoshop PluginsThe free Java-tool selects, downloads and installs automatically, quickly and easy-going the extensions.

What I offers to You:

Furthermore, we are offering all our brushes, plugins, scripts and patterns for Photoshop and GIMP here on our web page. Everybody can inform about all PS/GIMP Brushes, Scripts and plugins and can download them


PGEI includes...
PGEI includes…

Get the information of the extensions

You are able to filter all Photoshop and GIMP brushes, plugins, scripts and patterns with our web application. 8 filter options are available to simplify the search. Every Photoshop and GIMP extension like brushes plugins and scripts has got a description, an example picture, a YouTube-video and an explanation for the kind of file and the origin.

On is offered also a collection of tools developed by Liquid Idea by free.

How PGEI works
How PGEI works

What are extensions of Photoshop and GIMP?

After the download of GIMP and Photoshop you have got the basic version of that graphic suite without any extensions. If you want to change aspects and functions of the picture editor you have to add brushes, plugins, scripts and patterns.

Photoshop plugins, brushes, scripts and patterns are expanding the range of function or are only adding one new item. The items could be further brushes for special tasks or gradients for the sky.

Erweiterungen in GIMP
Erweiterungen in GIMP

Make your own extension for web design

Everybody can code his or her own extension for GIMP and Photoshop if he or she has got enough programming or picture editing knowledge. If you want that your own brush, your plug-in, your gradient, your script is available for 1000+ users of the Photoshop and GIMP Extensions Installer is it possible to suggest your extension the Calc-O-Meter Team.

Download 140 EXTENSIONS

I promise: You do not need PC-skills

Don’t be shy. You do not need any computer knowledge to use the brushes, plugins, scripts and patterns. If you are a GIMP and Photoshop professional, you will love the brushes, plugins, scripts and patterns. If not, Calc-O-Meter will help you with GIMP and Photoshop.

What is PGEI?
What is PGEI?

Are Photoshop plugins, brushes, gradients free?

Yes and no. All brushes, patterns, plugins and gradients of the Photoshop and GIMP Extensions Installer are free. The program itself is also 100% free. PGEI is a free full version without a premium account and barriers for normal users. There is no sign-up or no tracking of the users. All users are getting the same performance for the same money: 0$

GIMP is loading extensions
GIMP is loading extensions

GIMP v.s. Photoshop brushes, patterns, plugins and gradients

Some companies are offering no free brushes, Photoshop plugins, scripts and patterns for Photoshop and GIMP. On the market, more Photoshop extensions are available which are not free. The most of the GIMP extensions are free and you can donate for what they done.

Some years ago, Adobe Photoshop (CS6) costs 600$, GIMP is an all-time Open-Source Project for Windows and Linux users. Today, you have to pay a monthly fee and subscribe to a monthly subscription. The costumers of Photoshop will buy more than the users of GIMP. Therefore, more Photoshop plugins are liable to pay and are more expensive than the ones of GIMP.

Feature of Photoshop GIMP Extensions Installer
Feature of Photoshop GIMP Extensions Installer

All is free. In PGEI. 100%.

In our tool “the Photoshop and GIMP Extensions Installer all Photoshop and GIMP extensions are free because the users would become into trouble with the paying. So we decided to select the best free extensions to offer them You.


What is possible with Photoshop plugins?


The aim of an extension for Photoshop and GIMP was to add a modification to the graphic suite. The extension of programm tries to change, improve, adapt and enhance the tool.

Why You should love extensions?

For example: The Amni-Stack tool changes GIMP to a real animation studio. The plug-in expands the functions and ideas of GIMP tremendously (e.g. web design). The propose of GIMP is changed extremely.

This is your history with Photoshop GIMP Extensions Installer
This is your history with Photoshop GIMP Extensions Installer

With Amni-Stack, you can create animations easily in GIMP and you are able to edit GIFs. Add some of the functions and simple effects: E.g. You have got an animation and you want to change the caption. It should be on the top. Regularly, you have to edit frame by frame and adapt the caption on every picture. Amin-Stack helps you and does this task automatically.



“Programs. Simplifying your life.”

Test the new Java programs of LiquidIdea to accomplish Your daily life. Not only the programs can help you, they inspire You for new ideas and improving your daily life. The powerful tools solve quickly the exercises which annoy You all the day. Furthermore, the tools of LiquidIdea are free and you change the code.

Your questions. Creative ideas?

Use the easy-going and useful formulary of the support web page to discuss creative ideas or improvements , to ask difficult questions and to look for solutions. The Calc-O-Meter Team is open-minded for the craziest ideas and creative brainwave. Therefore, write us. The new ideas for new ideas and creative ideas are rewarded! The FAQ of the Calc-O-Meters will help You.

Our ideas

“Ideas rule the world”
Hilmar Kopper

Big ideas and the little tools are the best help. We found the ideas for our programs in the daily life. Our motivation is the simplifying our life’s. The powerful tools helping us to do exercises and save time for more important tasks.

Our concept

All of our programs orientate towards an unique philosophy. They should answer us the annoying questions and simplify our lives. Why should we make our lives awkward? The amount of task grows day by day. What should I do? Test the Calc-O-Meter tools and give us feedback. Use the formulary on the support page. All tools have the same main, basic features… concept of easiness, easy-to-use surface, working and answer quickly

Our coding

Idea and concept? The next step is to write the code in Java SE. A well-done structure of the the Gui is the key to an easy-to-use surface. The easy working tool will help you.